Promotion Policy
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
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Do you have what it takes to make the grade?

Promotion Policy: 

>to go to the 10th grade...a student must have 4 units
(including 1 English, 1 math & 1 social studies unit) 

>to go to the 11th grade...a student must have 12 units
(including 2 English, 2 math, 1 social studies & 1 science unit) 

>to go to the 12th grade...a student must have 16 units
(including 3 English, 3 math, 2 social studies (1 has to be U. S. History & 2 science units) 

 Graduation Requirements:
Students are required to earn units & pass the HSAP to graduate from a Georgetown County High School. 

         Area                                                   State Graduation Requirements
Language Arts                                                               4 units
Mathematics                                                                  4 units 
U. S. History                                                                 1 unit
Economics                                                                   .5 unit
Government                                                                  .5 unit
Other Social Studies                                                      1 unit
Natural Science                                                             3 units
Opt. Ed/Foreign Language                                            1 unit
PE or NJROTC                                                              1 unit
Computer Science                                                        1 unit
Electives                                                                      7 units
Total Required for Graduation                                      24 units

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