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How to Be Successful in English I Class  

How to Be Successful in Class


Be Prepared – Bring books, three ring binder, and pencil and paper to class every day. Be seated and working on the assignment that is on the SmartBoard when the tardy bell rings. Make sure that your ID is properly displayed.


Be Attentive – Actively participate in class by listening, contributing to class discussions, and taking good notes.


Be Courteous – Treat others with respect. Speak one at a time. Do not bother the belongings of others. No food or drinks will be allowed in class. Also, cell phones and ear buds are prohibited. Make sure that your desk is properly repositioned and materials are orderly before leaving class.


Be Honest – Do your own work. Anyone caught cheating will receive a zero on the assignment and parents will be notified.


Be Conscientious – Complete all assignments on time. Ten points per day will be deducted for late essays. If you are absent the day an announced test is given, you should be prepared to take the test on the day you return to school. If you are absent the day before a test is scheduled, you are responsible for taking the test with the class since tests will be assigned more than one day in advance. If you are on a field trip, projects or papers are still due on the assigned date, even if you are not in class that day. Make sure your work is turned in before you leave school the day of the field trip.  All make-up work must be completed promptly, following the guidelines set forth by District/School policy.


Be a Team Player – We will work in groups on various activities and projects. Cooperative learning is an excellent way to “learn from each other” and to draw on each other’s strengths. Being able to work effectively in groups is a life skill that we all need. In order for this to work effectively, each student has to pull his/her fair share of the workload.


Be Self-Disciplined – You are ultimately responsible for your own behavior. Be self-controlled when working in groups or independently; monitor your own talking and behavior. You must also be disciplined enough to not only stay on task during class, but also to pace your work so that reading and writing assignments are finished on time.


Be Positive – Keep a positive attitude about yourself, your assignments, your school, and those around you. Remember, positive thinkers get positive results.


Students who do not adhere to the classroom rules and school rules will receive a warning and then conference with the teacher and/or stay after school for detention. The teacher will contact parents to inform them of teacher’s concerns. Students who still do not follow rules will be referred to the office. Instances of major disruptions or disrespect will be referred to the office immediately.