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Spanish I Syllabus

Spanish I

1st Quarter

Unit Theme: My Friend and I

                Identify Spanish-speaking countries

               Recognize the Spanish alphabet

                Count one to ten in Spanish

                Greeting others

                Introduce others

                Say where people are from

                Express likes

                Describe others

               Give others' likes and dislikes

                Describe clothing


2nd Quarter

Unit Theme: My Family and I

                Describe   family

                Ask   and tell ages

                Talk   about birthdays

                Give   dates

                Express   possession

             Describe classes   and classroom objects

             Say how often you do something

                Discuss obligations

                Talk about schedules

                Ask and tell time

                Ask questions

                Say where you are going

                Request food

3rd Quarter

Unit Theme: My School and I

                Discuss plans

               Sequence events

               Talk about places and people   you know

                Extend   invitations

                Talk   on the phone

                Express   feelings

                Say   where you are coming from

                Say   what just happened


4th Quarter

Unit Theme: My Community and I

             Talk about sports

                Express   preferences

                Say   what you know

                Make   comparisons

                Describe   the weather

                Discuss   clothing and accessories